Corpay One Launches Easy-To-Use Bill Payment Solution For Cash Flow

ATLANTA – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Corpay One, a smart digital bill payment platform for small businesses, today introduced a new solution designed to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) thrive by extending credit alongside paying simplified invoices.

Known for advanced yet easy-to-use B2B payment workflow automation that makes it a proven invoice payment tool for SMBs, Corpay One now offers the ability to fund check and ACH payments using the own card of a customer’s credit.

Now, SMBs can extend their trade credit while reducing the valuable time spent managing expenses to maximize the success and growth of their business.

“Time and money – these are the biggest challenges small businesses face. Corpay One is already helping businesses save time with automated bill payment and easier expense management. Now, we’re helping SMEs of all sizes, industries and maturities to leverage their existing trade credit to pay more of their bills, ”said Danny Martucci, President of Corpay One.

Payment by funds check and ACH by credit card

Many vendors still only accept payments by check or ACH, leaving credit cards out of the equation for cash-strapped businesses that might benefit from needed credit and / or a rewards program. With Corpay One’s new user-friendly accounts payable solution, small businesses can send check and ACH payments to vendors – funded by the credit card of their choice – while cashing out their own rewards program.

“We’re finding that small businesses are frustrated with paying for multiple platforms to pay their vendors, code their expenses, scan their documents, and feed their accounting systems, like QuickBooks. Not only is Corpay One subscription-free, but we’re constantly finding new ways to make the bill payment process more user-friendly for our customers.

About Corpay One

A FLEET® company, Corpay One is the smarter way to pay. A leading bill payment and credit solution for SMBs, Corpay One helps businesses lighten the burden of managing their back office while making other resources available to drive growth. It’s an effortless platform designed to save businesses time and money, and help them focus on what they love. For accountants and bookkeepers, Corpay One’s Advisors platform truly automates accounts receivable services.

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