Purchase of 8 Taiwan dollars wins 10 million Taiwan dollars in free Taiwan bill lottery

Taiwan’s Ministry of Finance announced today the list of winners of the September/October Uniform Bill Lottery, revealing that one of the winners of the special prize of NT$10 million (US$360,415) had Spent only 8 NT dollars (0.29 USD) to get the winning ticket.

The Uniform Bill winning numbers were issued on November 25, with 13 people each winning the special NT$10 million prize, after receiving receipt number 14872301 (the number also features a unique two-letter alphabet code at the point of sale). The winner with the lowest value receipt was a customer from a stationery store in Pingtung City who purchased a highlighter pen for NT$8.

16 people won the grand prize of NT$2 million, according to the MOF announcement.

The Department of Finance’s Uniform Bill Lottery is drawn every two months and gives consumers the chance to win cash prizes as rewards for shopping at stores that issue receipts. The system itself was originally designed to prevent tax evasion and increase tax revenue.

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