Sheffield Wednesday Supporter Trust offers slam season tickets as cash flow issues arise

The Sheffield Wednesday Supporters’ Trust have called on the club to explain the reasons for their early bird season ticket offers which have drawn a huge backlash.

The Owls have released their initial prices for the 2022/23 season with a price freeze across all areas throughout December.

However, the initiative was strongly considered by supporters due to the lack of advance communication and the fact that the offers only work during Christmas, an incredibly expensive time of year.

With that in mind, there has been speculation that the campaign aims to help tackle the cash flow issues that have plagued the club for the past 18 months, although Yorkshire Live understands this is not the case.

A statement from the Trust reads: “We fully understand the frustrated and angry response from the entire fan base following the announcement of Early-Bird season ticket sales for the 22/23 season. . We clearly welcome the price freeze, but note that the freeze is very limited.

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  • The time of the offer in December, which is the most expensive month of the year as Christmas and New Years approaches.
  • No sense of club understanding of the current cost of living crisis and the impact it will have on some fans
  • The complete lack of reasonable notice would have saved fans at least some money to buy season tickets.
  • The absence of any interest-free funding option made available to fans by the club.
  • Price increases kick in as the sale window progresses, effectively punishing fans who can’t afford to spend the money as early as possible in the window.
  • That the refund process for the 19/20 season is still not complete.

Sheffield Wednesday early bird season ticket prices for 2022/23.

“We recognize that some fans may not be affected by the above and can afford to purchase their membership in December, but others may not be in that position.

“The club need to clarify if the need to launch this in December, rather than February 2022, is driven by the need for cash flow in the club. If so, it might be possible to build a different approach. who convinces those fans that can afford to voluntarily purchase their subscription in advance without financially penalizing fans who cannot.

“If there is no cash flow problem, then why do it now? If there is a cash flow problem, the club need to engage the fans in a positive program to help solve this problem, not things that alienate fans.

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“We were not consulted by the club on the early sale plan and we would not have supported it in its current form if we had done so. We now know from a member of the engagement panel on the networks social media that the club consulted with the panel It was reported that the Panel categorically told Mr. Chansiri not to release seasonal subscriptions in December, but that he was not listened to.

“These events underscore the need for much more effective fan involvement in decision-making processes on issues that directly affect fans.

“This is something recognized by the report of the Fan-Led Review of Football Governance which called for the creation of a strong Fan Council in each club and the establishment of a ‘Golden Share ‘in the club owned by fans.

“We wrote to the club a week ago asking them to establish these two things before any legislation because it is the right thing to do. So far we have not received any response from the club to this request. .

“If the club wishes to discuss a different approach on these issues, we would be happy to engage with the club to do so.”

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