Community, Prosperity and Justice – North Carolina Justice Center

After a long and difficult year 2020, we anticipate a positive change in 2021, for the global pandemic to abate and for democracy to be protected.

Despite the challenges of the past few years, we want you to know how much you have done to make North Carolina a more equitable and prosperous state. You spoke out against oppression, reached out to lawmakers on important issues, and ran for your community by voting in important elections. Your incredible support is a crucial part of our continued fight against poverty. It’s hard work, but we know that together we are capable of greatness and collaboration.

Throughout the year, you have worked with us to:

  • Advocate for those most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic by continuing to fight for the expansion of Medicaid.
  • Stand up for better wages, leave policies and better unemployment insurance benefits for workers in North Carolina.
  • Lobby for the moratorium on deportations, for an expanded safety net and for a path to citizenship for immigrants.

And we did it all because of you. Your support has allowed our work to continue in this fragile but hopeful period.

Together, we can continue our momentum for a better North Carolina!

In appreciation,
Kim-Marie McLellan & Nataly Del Riego

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