DOUGLAS: We have all already touched the lottery

Donnie Douglas

So I’m sitting comfortably at my parents’ house on Thanksgiving morning, pondering what I’m writing and out of nowhere a light shines: Itemize the things I need to be grateful for.

But before that, I’ll highlight what probably every person reading this shares and should be thankful for: You were born and live in this country which, despite its flaws, remains the best in the world for freedom, wealth and opportunity – and this applies to everyone, although in different doses depending on what other cards have been dealt to you and how you play them. This is why people are supported to try to enter this country, not to leave it.

There are 195 countries, and you hit the lottery of life when you were born and live in the United States. Seen from another perspective, there are approximately 7.7 billion people on Earth, and 330 million of them live in this country, bringing the odds of such a chance to about one in 24.

But it gets better: you were born and live during the best time to be alive, when technology puts just about everything at your fingertips with the help of Alexa or Siri and you can access it all. in the comfort of an air-conditioned environment. environment. For perspective, look at ‘Gunsmoke’, which took place a little over a century or so ago, and notice how dusty it was and how everyone is hot and sweating, in need of a shower and always dodge bullets and arrows. I’m glad I missed this time.

So we all have one hell of a chance.

A few other things I’m grateful for:

That my 87 year old parents are alive and well and that I have their genes. Hit the lottery again.

YouTube TV: I switched to this a year ago and am saving about $ 170 per month. The only downside is that my Tar Heels play on RSN.

Good health, and the cow whose tissues made my heart beat.

The Hardees’ monster cookie.

Free golf which is a plus of my job.

Dean Smith, Roy Williams and Mack Brown. They have given me a lot of joy over the years, but also made me proud of how they went about winning.

Golf technology. At 64, I hit a golf ball as far and much straighter than at 28. I’m not fooled to believe it’s me, so thanks to Titleist for making the Pro V1, and to TaylorMade for the CGB irons and M2 driver.

The slow cooker.

Boots. He’s going to read this, so I have to include it.

Social Security, which I love on the fourth Wednesday of every month now a lot more than I loved on payday during 46 years of hard work.

Medicare, which I am not, but will be if I can live nine more months.

$ 2.60 per gallon of gasoline. If my memory is good.

Light beer.

Vaccines against covid.

Charleston, South Carolina

NC 211 and US 15-501, which take me to Chapel Hill without having to deal with highways 95 and 40.

My Friday afternoon lunch crowd. (That’s a tip, to see who among them is reading this column.)

Events on Elm.

Retirement, which replaced weekends, vacations, and holidays on this list.

A smart TV. It helps me remember what I like to watch.

Forty-six NCAA titles.

Autumn and spring.

The stock market.

Daylight saving time, which corrects the backward clock error, and also allows me to correct a confusion error between daylight saving time and standard time two weeks ago.

The Robesonian, who continues the good fight. Believe me, you would miss it if it went the way of so many community newspapers.

Law enforcement, first responders, veterans.

Those who take the time to read my weekly reflections because without you I would have to make another budget cut.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Count your blessings.

Donnie Douglas is the former editor of The Robesonian.

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