Nexus brand makes bold statement with new logo

Break down barriers and move forward in style ….

Essentially, a visually appealing style more efficiency at affordable rates.

And now, to better understand this brand identity and message, we are introducing our new logo, which is even more perfectly in line with what we stand for as a brand, how we intend to continuously meet the needs of our customers. Nigerians and gain more and more trust on the back of our unique products and impeccable service.

This new logo is based on four fundamental principles that are close to our hearts and that we always want to project.

All the letters of the logo are on the same line with the same height, which means that we are a brand that offers a product for every class. There is a product available for every price range and all of our products provide equal satisfaction and affordability to end users.

This is for the red arrow in the logo; it communicates the introduction of our new categories and ranges of products. We started out as a small brand that only sells kitchen appliances, we have since introduced more product categories with various home appliances and electronics now in our shopping cart as well as future plans to introduce more products that will help make our customers’ lives easier.

Our previous logo had a big X in the middle which sometimes resonated negatively with consumers. We have decided to change this to a 3 X Piece which creates a more user friendly image for our customers when our products are on display in their homes.

We are the brand that introduced the first home appliance color variation in Nigeria, this gave us the reputation of being a stylish brand hence the reason for a drop in color in our otherwise solid logo.

We intend to continue to create and offer the best and most affordable products that will continue to improve the quality of life and life of Nigerians who enjoy doing it with a refined style.

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