cops accused of altering the statement of a victim of theft | Ludhiana News

Ludhiana: In the case of a 60-year-old woman, who was held captive by two people, beaten and robbed, from the Mundiyan Khurd neighborhood of Jamalpur, the police allegedly changed the woman’s statement and also filed a FIR theft, rather than registering a theft case.
On Monday morning, two masked men broke into a house in Jamalpur, brutally beat Harbans Kaur, gagged and tied her up, and escaped with gold and silver. After they left, Harcharan Kaur reached the main door of his house to ask for help.
However, the FIR filed by police said the woman had left the house to collect milk from a nearby dairy. On her return, she found her house ransacked. Two men were in the house trying to unlock the bike parked there. However, upon seeing her, the accused escaped. When she entered the house, she found it ransacked, gold and silver stolen.
TOI again approached the complainant about whom the victim’s daughter, Jaspreet Kaur, said: “The police changed my mother’s statement. The cops had come to our house, they took my mother’s statement and also gave us a copy. This copy of the statement also states that my mother was beaten and robbed. My mother has traces of injuries on her body and her tooth was broken because the accused had hit her in the face after breaking into the house. I don’t know why the police changed our statements?
Deputy Inspector Gagandeep Singh of the SHO Jamalpur Police Station said he was not aware. He added, “I will call the complainants at the police station and re-tape their statements. The required sections would be added to the FIR.

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