IMM suspended billing campaign reached TL 44.7 million

IMM suspended billing campaign reached TL 44.7 million

Hundreds of thousands of people have reached out to people they don’t know with the ‘pending bill’ initiated by IMM for those in need. The amount of paid water, electricity and natural gas bills reached 44 million 737 thousand TL. A total of TL 14,425,000 in aid was given to “Family Support” and Mother-Child Support programs. The aid provided to needy university students amounted to 4 million 425 million TL.

The ‘Suspended Bill’ launched on May 4, 2020 by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) to develop solidarity with those who have struggled and made claims, has given hope to hundreds of thousands of people with the support from benefactors. The application assistance, which includes families and individuals identified as being in need, has increased day by day. With social benefits covering four different packages, a bill in the amount of TL 44 million 737,000 was paid in the “pending bill”. 8 million 376,000 TL was donated to the “family support package” and 6 million 48,000 TL was donated to the “mother-baby support package”. With the aid of 4 million 425 thousand TL for students in need, the total support reached 63 million 588 thousand TL.


In Suspended Invoice, an application of IMM that brings together philanthropists and people in need of economic support, 44 thousand 737 invoices worth 302 million 747 thousand TL were won. The aids made during the winter period, when the figures reflected on the bill were folded, gave some relief to hundreds of thousands of people.


A total of 14 million 425,000 TL in aid was given to the “Family Support” and “Mother-Baby Support” packages included in the “Pending Bill” with the support of those who can afford it. With the ‘Family Support Package’, 8,000,376 packages worth 50 million 803,000 TL reached families. With the “Mother-Baby Support Package”, 6 thousand 48 parcels worth TL 33 million 992 thousand were delivered to mothers who were experiencing financial difficulties. The donations made were deposited in the Istanbulkarts of those who needed support. He got his most basic needs from contracted markets with help.

IMM also included students who were struggling due to cash shortages in the system. 17,000,703 students benefited from the Education Support Package. A total of 4 million 425 million TL in aid was received.

Those who want to reduce their burdens in difficult times by supporting those who have difficulties in living can contribute by visiting ​​​​​​or by reaching the Alo 153 solution center.

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