AAP leader slams Channi on ‘ownership’ claim; jokes “the family is doing illegal business”

Launching a scathing attack on Punjab Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader and party state official, Raghav Chadha lashed out at Channi for his statement made on Sunday after he announced as the party’s candidate for Chief Minister. . In a video message shared on his official Twitter account, party leader Aam Aadmi questioned the Chief Minister’s statement which reads, “After today, I will not buy any property in my name or in the name of my woman and I will not exercise any activity”.

Speaking to Channi in reference to the recent arrest of his nephew by the Directorate of Law Enforcement in an illegal sand mining case, Chadha asked, “When all your business interests and illegal activities, including sand mining, are done by your nephew or other family members, how does the above statement help you, how does it make you entitled, how does your statement even valid not to buy property in your name or your wife’s name.

Further questioning the Chief Minister on granting additional privileges to his nephew, Bhupinder Singh, who was previously arrested by the law enforcement directorate after recovering a huge amount of cash, jewelry and papers of Ludhiana’s unaccounted property, Chadha alleged that Channi provided the CM’s security commandos. to his nephew followed by Punjab police vehicles and furthermore the privileges of a minister on the grounds of merely being a member of the family.

“During the raids carried out by the Law Enforcement Directorate, a total of Rs 10 crore in cash, bank records worth Rs 54 crores, jewelry worth Rs 21 lakh, papers of property worth Crores of Rupees was recovered from his premises which was acquired in just 111 days of your tenure as Chief Minister of Punjab,” he added.

Going further, the leader of the AAP said that the people of Punjab are wondering about the source of such sum of money from CM’s nephew, referring more to the amount of money acquired by the other members from his family.

“I will not buy any property in my name or my wife’s name”: CM Channi

Earlier on Sunday, when Congress leader Rahul Gandhi announced that Charanjit Singh Channi was the main ministerial face of the party for the Punjab Assembly elections, many leaders present at the event, including Channi, hailed the leadership party for the same.

The Chief Minister, while speaking at the event, also gave a sneaky dig to the opposition Aam Aadmi party and accused them of trying to tarnish his image. Meanwhile, he also said: “From today, I assure you that you will not buy any property in my name or in the name of my wife and that I will not engage in any commercial activity.”

Calling on people further for their support, Channi added, “I ask with folded hands that this is a great fight that I cannot fight alone. People will have to fight every battle and only then will it be successful. ”

Image: ANI/Twitter/@RaghavChadha

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