OpenEnvoy Speeds Up Billing Disputes for Accounts Payable Teams

OAKLAND, CA., February 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — OpenEnvoy, the Bay Area fintech company that created the first real-time endpoint automation solution, offers accounts payable teams support for a range of dispute outcomes. Teams are able to handle disputes flexibly and confidently provide their suppliers with billing discrepancy details.

Using information from the Match report, Accounts Payable teams can create strong dispute cases to speed up the resolution process and achieve pre-emptive savings. “The most costly aspect of Accounts Payable automation is dispute resolution due to its significant impact on accounting and cash flow. Working with our customers, our latest dispute workflow updates reduce considerably the time it takes to close the books each month, which benefits everyone,” says Matthew TillmanCEO and co-founder of OpenEnvoy.

Using OpenEnvoy’s dispute workflow, Accounts Payable teams can:

  • Explore the gaps with Match report and use the information to build a stronger case in the event of a dispute.
  • Mark jobs as “in dispute” while seeking resolution with the vendor.
  • View litigation loss amounts by vendor and leverage comprehensive reporting to measure savings.
  • Identify trends in dispute frequency, amounts disputed by the vendor, duration of disputes, and total amounts of disputes won versus disputes lost.
  • Leverage the Dispute Dashboard to track vendor billing accuracy over time.

With support for a range of dispute outcomes, Accounts Payable teams have flexibility in how they handle billing discrepancies and are able to dispute the most business-critical inconsistencies.

Prevent unnecessary spending and resolve billing disputes faster by schedule a demo with an OpenEnvoy expert today.

About OpenEnvoy
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