Regina Daniels Takes Blows From Fans After Statement About Husband’s New Marriage

Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels has made headlines over her marriage to businessman and politician Ned Nwoko.

A controversial blogger has alleged that Ned is about to marry his 6th wife who is expecting a child for him.

According to the blogger, Ned paraded the lady during a PDP rally held at Senotaph Stadium, Asaba, Delta State.

Debunking the rumors a few moments ago, Regina dedicated an article to her husband where she gushed about him.

She revealed how he always makes sure she is stress-free on flights by convincing her to always fly a private jet.

Although no one asked for the explanation, Regina tried to prove that there was no bad blood between her and her man as she raved about him.

She shared how she booked her flight to Delta with her staff and how her husband surprised her when he told her a private plane had been booked for her at the Wing.

“Fun fact: I actually booked my ticket for some jobs, but my husband as always keeps me stress free and insisted that I get on a jet even though he’s out of town. The funny thing is he watched me book my tickets for me and the staff until I came to tell him I was leaving and he said “go straight to the private wing, the plane waiting for you”.

However, Nigerians did not believe his statement as they noted many lies and errors.

They wondered how her husband could be out of town while watching her book her flights.

They wondered how it was possible for him to say goodbye when he was not at home.

jennie_eneruom: “All these explanations for what”

dasola_dasilver: “Great story”

seeplaceswithada: “who is asking you?”

lynslove1: “Why do we need this information please”

anniepastries: “Fun fact: we will no longer pray for your type of husband”

chidiscky: “He’s out of town but watched you book your ticket”

mary.ozioma: “Enjoy your turn because the next baba will shock you”

ogensimah: “He watched you book your ticket… Until you came to tell him.
Even though he’s out of town…

This explanation and clarification is too much for a known polygamist…”

priscalbeauty: “What do we do with this information please we work at the airport”

_zeekah: “How did she tell him she was physically leaving and he was out of town at the same time”

creamieice: “We can’t hear you”

jadesola___: “Nobody asked you”

jane____e: “And we needed this update because?”

bwa_studychoice: “And what is our business?”

jessytee2: “Okay, we heard”

ope_aa: “your husband is out of town, he watched you book your ticket, you came to tell him you were leaving…..hmmm that must be nice”

budgetgriendly_store: “Confusing writing”

flow_okey: “What should we do with this information?”.

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