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PURCELLVILLE, Va., March 3, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The Secure Cash and Transport Association (SCTA), a not-for-profit industry association representing the vital cash transportation and cash handling sectors, today released a statement affirming its strong support industry’s relationship with law enforcement.

The declaration is as follows:

Recent headlines from some sources serve to divide rather than unite cash life cycle interests. We are concerned about some ongoing media efforts about the relationship between law enforcement and what is being labeled an “armoured transport” business.

SCTA members comprise the largest workforce in the armored transport industry and are a vital player in any public discussion. As such, we believe our voice should be heard.

As a not-for-profit association established to represent the common interests of accredited professionals and organizations in the field of cash handling across North AmericaThe SCTA remains dedicated to building lasting partnerships with law enforcement and is sincerely grateful for their daily efforts in multiple jurisdictions.

The Founding Members and Board of Directors of the SCTA proudly and unanimously affirm the importance of strong relationships with law enforcement.

The Association continues its commitment to bringing together the full range of industry representatives to engage in meaningful dialogue and action that promotes industry commitment to safe, secure and legal trade.

About the Secure Cash & Transport Association (SCTA)

The Secure Cash & Transport Association (SCTA) is a not-for-profit association formed in 2013 to represent the common interests of professionals in ATM servicing, cash handling/processing, transportation and conservation of cash and coins around the world. North America.

Founding members include Cash Connect-ATM Solutions of WSFS Bank, Coin Wrap, Inc., Davis Bancorp, Great American Insurance Group Fidelity/Crime Division, Smith + Griffin, Loomis, Lowers Risk Group, Marshall & Sterling, Rochester Armored Car Company, Inc., American Bank, Willis Fine Artsand Jewelry and Cash United States. Industry groups represented by the association include armored operators, insurers, truck manufacturers, financial institutions, ATMs, parts packaging, security investigations, compliance providers and adjusters .

Members of the Secure Cash & Transport Association Board of Directors include:

President: Mark Lowersreduced risk group

Vice President: Antonio PalmiottoWillis of new YorkInc.

Secretary: Michael Gaulreduced risk group

Jason Kyd, large American insurance group

Joseph SheaRochester armored car

JR Davis III, Davis Bancorp

Laura Jonesamerican bank

Randall SheltraUnited States

Todd WortheyBrinks, Inc.

Susan RicciCashConnect

Jim SmallGiesecke + Devrient Currient Technology America

Vincent ModarelliGardaWorld

Stephane BlountSmith + Griffin

David RydenRaise the cane

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Media Contact

Michael GaulSecure Cash and Transport Association, +1 (540) 338-7151, [email protected]

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