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RIYADH: Basim Al-Beladi is the founder and CEO of Labayh, a comprehensive and secure online psychological therapy solution via in-app messaging and calling.

Al-Beladi earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Taibah University and completed additional courses in entrepreneurship, leadership and project management at universities in the UK, US and South Korea.

After working as a project manager with the German electronics multinational Siemens, Al-Beladi founded Medinaapp. This mobile application functions as a directory for visitors to Medina and is available in six languages. He also launched Business Hub, the first coworking space in Medina.

Al-Beladi founded Labayh in June 2017 after suffering an accident and spending time in an intensive care unit, an episode which, in his own words, “made him realize the importance of health and well-being. -to be”.

Labayh is a meeting point for those in need and those providing psychological therapy. Users can receive consultations via messaging or audio call, allowing people “to solve their problems completely anonymously from home” – a critical point in a region where psychological issues are still largely considered taboo.

The company’s mission is “to be an online platform that provides comprehensive mental health support to increase people’s well-being and productivity.” The company also provides administrative, financial, marketing and training support to its team of consultants.

Al-Beladi, in his own words, is “experienced in creating new products and leading teams, with a demonstrated track record of working in business management and entrepreneurship”.

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