Ministry of Finance says four NT$10 million uniform invoice awards remain unclaimed

Taipei, March 22 (CNA) Four uniform winning bills of NT$10 million (US$350,140) and nine other winning bills of NT$2 million issued between November and December remain unclaimed, the Ministry of Finance said on Tuesday. (MOF).

The seven NT$10 million receipts were among the 16 with the winning serial number of 31150905, while the nine unclaimed prizes of NT$2 million were among the 15 winners with the serial number 28564531, according to MOF .

The MOF has urged those with winning receipts who have not yet claimed their prize to do so by the May 5 deadline.

Of the four unclaimed winners of the NT$10 million special prize, one was for an NT$29 purchase from food delivery service provider foodpanda, while another was for NT$59 spent on a 7-Eleven convenience store in Taoyuan’s Chungli District, MOF said.

The third unclaimed winner spent NT$115 at a White Alley beverage store on Shanghai Road in Douliu, Yunlin County, while the fourth paid a bill of NT$699 at a Chunghwa Telecom store in Taoyuan.

As for the seven unclaimed winning bills of NT$2 million, the Ministry of Finance said the lowest amount spent was NT$1 on the online shopping platform Shopee.

Two other winners of NT$2 million for purchases below NT$100 were for an NT$29 purchase from foodpanda and a NT$33 purchase from a grocery store in Shengang Township in Changhua, the Ministry of Food said. Finance.

The other six unclaimed bills were for NT$135 spent at a Louisa Cafe in Dali, Taichung, NT$360 at a Sushi Express outlet in Gangshan District in Kaohsiung, NT$530 at Lipao Outlet Mall in Taichung, 736 NT$ on Anden Hud underwear, NT$1,709 at a Chunghwa Telecom store in Yunlin and NT$1,758 at a barbecue restaurant in eastern Hsinchu district.

The MOF said the draw for winning numbers for uniform bills issued between January and February would be conducted on Friday.

In Taiwan, the Ministry of Finance holds uniform bill serial number draws at retail outlets and distributes cash prizes for different sequences of winning numbers, from the last three digits to the full eight-digit number.

The goal is to incentivize consumers to ask for receipts so retailers can’t avoid paying taxes, according to the MOF.

(By Chang Ai and Frances Huang)

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