VN-Index climbs almost 36 points thanks to the return of cash flow | Business

The market was dominated by green and purple, with around 800 stocks up on much improved liquidity. Among these, transferable and banking securities rebounded strongly, such as STB with 4.6%, TCB with 3.55%, VPB with 5%, HDB with 4.27%, MBB with 4.47%, VCI with 6.12%, HCM with 5.26%, VCB with 1.9%. percent, and BIDV with 3.5 percent, were big contributors to the benchmark’s rise. These groups of stocks rebounded strongly, spreading the upward trend to the broader market.

The stock market group with the second largest market capitalization – real estate and construction – also made strong inroads. Specifically, PDG, CTD and SCR have reached the price cap; DXG increased by 4%; HDG grew by 4.9%; C4G emerged 5.8%. Additionally, many other stocks including FPT, PNJ, SZC and PVD also surged above the daily limit, pushing the VN index up almost 36 points.

In addition, steel stocks also turned around, with HSG and NKG recovering nearly 5%. HPG alone closed the session down a slight 1.29% due to the negative impact of its leader’s statement at the recent annual general meeting of shareholders. However, HPG’s decline was also reduced significantly as it was sold off by investors, losing 5.3% in the morning trading session.

At the end of the trading session, the VN-Index strengthened by 35.05 points, or 2.84%, to close at 1,268.43 points. The HNX index gained 8.95 points, or 2.93%, to 314.91 points. Market liquidity improved by nearly 26% from the previous trading session, with a total value of VND17.81 trillion ($767.63 million).

By Nhung Nguyen – Translated by Thanh Nha

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