Bill-to-pay processes in India handled by Zaggle through a new simplified platform

Zaggeran Indian B2B2C fintech providing card products paired with value-added SaaS commerce spend offerings to enterprises and SMEs, announced the launch of Zoyer to help businesses simplify bill-to-pay processes with a credit card by as an integrated financing offer.

Zoyer brings accounts payable and credit card payments together in one platform to enable businesses to streamline accounts payable between businesses (B2B) to effectively manage operating cash flow and maximize business performance.

The latest innovation is another step in realizing Zaggle’s vision to become a global digital bank that serves the commercial value stream of the credit and payment needs of enterprises and SMEs. Currently, Zaggle’s multi-product suite enables enterprises and SMEs in India to manage employee expenses and channel incentives tightly integrated with prepaid cards from various banks in India.

Approximately 90% of mid-market companies rely on paper-based and manual processes to manage B2B payments, which hampers finance teams’ ability to effectively manage operating cash flow. Specifically designed for the mid-sized business segment, Zoyer addresses these challenges: Platform businesses can automate 100% of vendor invoices. It also integrates Zaggle-branded card products such as Founder Cards and Corporate Credit Cards directly into Accounts Payable workflows, enabling faster payment processing while simultaneously providing businesses with credit- immediate additional lease to fill funding gaps.

Speaking at the launch Raj N., founder of Zaggle, said, “We are excited to launch Zoyer to drive the next stage of our development and deliver real value to our customers. Business-to-business payment solutions for the mid-market segment represent a trillion-dollar market opportunity and are ripe for disruption. At Zaggle, we continually strive to deliver the best digital solutions to become the single preferred B2B payments provider for midsize businesses. Zoyer reinforces our ongoing commitment to empowering medium and small businesses with solutions designed to optimize core financial management processes and build organizational resilience.

Speaking at the launch, Avinash Godkhindi, Zaggle CEO, said, “Small and medium-sized businesses have a strong need to digitize B2B payment processes so they can quickly adapt to changing market dynamics. But the segment remains largely underserved by the solutions in place. We are proud to bring a feature-rich enterprise expense management platform with built-in financial capabilities that makes capital efficient growth a reality. Beyond digitizing invoicing and basic payment flows, with Zoyer we are laying a solid foundation for growth by enabling businesses to manage cash through better working capital allocation and providing a line of immediate credit linked to credit cards.

Speaking at the launch Satish N, CPO Zaggle, said, “Zoyer is part of a rapidly growing portfolio of innovative financial management SaaS solutions that Zaggle is launching for the midsize business segment. Zoyer is a natural contiguity for us, which makes our expense management offer more complete. It also positions Zaggle as the single source of truth on all “expenses” for the businesses we serve. In line with the needs of mid-market companies to adapt technology and low-cap operating models, Zoyer offers a mobile-first, data-driven decision-making and API technology platform that enables the continuous and effective deployment of functional capabilities in days rather than months. Additionally, a platform-centric approach allows us to layer allied Zaggle-branded and third-party products to meet the ever-changing financial needs of businesses, minimizing the need for investments in multiple systems.

A cloud-native platform, Zoyer automates the entire accounts payable lifecycle, from vendor onboarding, invoice capture and approval, to payments and advanced reporting. Digital workflows streamline approvals and provide businesses with unprecedented visibility to make informed decisions to effectively manage debt. During the initial launch, five critical personalities and their pain points will be addressed. These will be further improved, based on a solid 12 month roadmap based on the research in place. Built above the Amazon cloud, Zoyer customers can deploy the complete platform with minimal upfront investment and a competitive “pay-as-you-go” business model. Unique features built into the platform include:

  • Contactless AI and ML-based invoice processing workflows eliminate manual tasks and improve productivity
  • Support for multiple payment methods including corporate credit cards, real-time payments and bank transfers depending on business needs.
  • Integrated credit card and virtual card offering provides opportunities to earn money back and spend discounts
  • Built-in analytics provide insights to continuously improve processes and optimize spend.
  • Ensured compliance with national billing, data archiving and tax regulations
  • API-first architecture for seamless integration with existing ERP and accounting systems as well as third-party payment processors, banks, and value-added service providers
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