The world’s first I2E invoice to win the launch of NFT

TAIPEI, Sept. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Q Monster is a Taiwanese bill lottery app with over 4 million downloads, 2.2 million active users and often ranked as the #1 financial app on Google Play and App Store. Together with SecuX, the leading brand of cold wallets or hardware wallets, and MaiCoin, the group behind Taiwan’s largest crypto exchange, Q Monster is launching the first I2E project, Invoice to Earn NFT LUCKIMON on September 22, 2022.

Known in Chinese as 統一發票 (Tǒngyī Fāpiào), the bi-monthly Bill Receipt Lottery was created to encourage legal tax reporting by enticing consumers to buy from stores that legally report sales tax. Every two months, sets of numbers are drawn that match the eight numbers printed at the top of a legal receipt. As the first app to gamify and digitize this institutional ritual with fun characters and a loyalty program, Q Monster rewards users who scan their bill receipts with virtual monster coins and level-up accessories redeemable for devices. household appliances or EC vouchers on the application market. . The application has quickly gained popularity among young people and now plans to build its Web3 community.

All 7,777 NFT LUCKIMON would be minted on the Ethereum chain, holder utilities include daily login rewards of 1,000 monster coins, full use of all 30 different monster characters, and various offers and discounts when using coins Monster to buy cryptocurrency or redeem goods. The Q Monster not only transforms the super-budget receipt scanning management application into a trendy and paperless phenomenon, but it also becomes the most accessible P2E (Play to Earn) application in Taiwan.

Earn Web2.0 and Web3.0 rewards by scanning receipts

NFT is new and exciting, but still contains its unpredictable risks at an early stage as an investment. This is why SpringTree, the company behind Q Monster, wants to expand the LUCKIMON project with the support of its already considerable membership program and business model. The roadmap clearly outlines a comprehensive and attractive utility package, multiplying the rewards for long-term owners.

Unlike many P2E projects where the waiting time to cash in utilities is often longer than 6 months after purchase, LUCKIMON NFT holders can start enjoying all the benefits immediately. Running for over 3 years, the Q Monster app has an average of 4.8 stars and is often the top rated and featured on the Apple App Store and Google Play. The app encourages their NFT holders to collect receipts with Monster coins which could be exchanged for cryptocurrency as well as fiat currency through exchanges. Thereafter, the act of collecting bills becomes a daily routine which also increases the chances of winning the bill lottery, earning Web2.0 and Web3.0 lucky prizes simultaneously!

Monster VIP Black Card Collection Value Precedes Last 10,000 NFTs Sold Out

Q Monster’s first NFT sale in July this year, the “Love Daemon” had achieved a record sale of 10,000 NFTs in 2 weeks. Building on the success of the app’s comprehensive ecosystem and fan support, the LUCKIMON NFT is set to launch on September 22, with a tsunami of benefits for its VIP Black Card members. The artwork contains thousands of variations from 8 distinct monster character roles, adding a scarcity factor to the excitement mix.

The LUCKIMON NFT unlocks the daily rewards of 1,000 Monster Coins (multiplied by the number of NFTs purchased), as well as unlimited access to the app’s full set of 30 monster characters. Other perks include discounts and redeemable vouchers on household goods, appliances, crypto, and fiat currency, as well as limited-time offers on additional Monster Coins and special characters. The project connects different aspects of financial and entertainment needs and offers many opportunities to intersect virtual and real experiences. Q Monster seamlessly bridges the gap between Web2.0 and Web3.0 by launching LUCKIMON NFTs, allowing their users/holders to earn, collect and trade freely in both worlds.

The first NFT sale to issue invoices

In order to protect consumer rights and provide a simple and safe experience for NFT buyers,
SpringTree is teaming up with its strategic partner MaiCoin for technical support, using the one-stop NFT launcher service, Qubic Creator. Buyers could create a crypto wallet and mint/purchase the LUCKIMON NFT with their credit cards within 30 seconds, and receive a legal invoice as proof of purchase after the transaction is completed.

Additionally, SecuX, the Taiwanese hardware wallet company, is also partnering with SpringTree, offering the world’s first award-winning NFT hardware wallet SecuX Nifty to protect the precious collections of LUCKIMON NFT holders. The SecuX Nifty hardware wallet recently received international recognition for its innovative design and technology, including the European Product Design Award 2022 and the Golden Pin Design Award.

Buy now and get more rewards: Super Early Bird gets SecuX Nifty

The LUCKMON project launches its public sale of 7,777 NFTs on September 22 at 12:00 (GMT+8), including 777 NFT Super Early Birds, each accompanied by an award-winning SecuX Nifty hardware wallet. After the first 777 Super Early Bird combos, the LUCKIMON NFT price rises to NTD $5,888 for the Early Bird until October 15th. So hurry up and get your LUCKIMON! The Lucky Promo price will be applied thereafter.

LUCKIMON NFT Sales Information

Launch time: 12:00 GMT+8 on September 22, 2022
Project size: 7,777
Launch Price: NTD$4,888 – NTD$6,888

  • Super Early Bird (first 777): NTD $4,888
  • Early Bird (before October 15): NTD$5,888
  • Lucky Promo (after October 15): NTD$6,888

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