Statement on the burglary at the Ras Tafari Cultural Center

It is with deep concern that I share the news that on Friday, September 23, 2022, the UBUNTU RasTafari Cultural Center and Ras Dr. Wayne Rose offices were broken into by unknown assailants. Important documents, cash and office equipment, including the Centre’s mainframe computer, were all stolen.

Although the criminals stole large sums of money, equipment and the Centre’s sense of security, it is very curious that they overlooked other office equipment worth tens of thousands of dollars. It seems whoever is responsible for the break-in wanted to take our computers as if they were looking for access codes and documents stored on the system.

Our staff members are currently traumatized, disappointed and discouraged, especially knowing that our commitment is to help improve and enrich the lives of the Saint Lucian family.

With the violation of our space, our privacy and the removal of important “work in progress” documents, we are unsure if we can continue our work from the Jérémie Street location.

However, our determination and commitment to sharing and improving Saint Lucia’s educational mission and drive remains strong and undiminished.

Yes, our momentum is hampered by the incident, and our confidence shaken…

Yet, we are confident in the victory of good over evil and are confident that the positive energies of our Saint Lucian family will translate into bigger and better opportunities to establish a safe, appropriate and sustainable space for the UBUNTU Cultural Center.

I and I look forward to dusting off the ashes of the incident and rising like the phoenix, accelerating to higher heights of Justice and Healing.

For the perpetrators of this cowardly act, their judgment is guaranteed!

Blessed love!

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