Gore continues to make Class A statements after passing Panama

By Patrick Kays

GORE — When the gates opened, Gunner Dozier and the No. 2 Class A Gore Pirates surged in and dominated all aspects of the game, crushing District A-8 foes Panama 62-0.

Dozier scored his first of five rushing touchdowns on the game’s first drive, capping an eight-play 62-yard drive with a 3-yard touchdown two minutes into the game to make it 7-0 after the point additional.

That 3-yard score was by far his shortest score of the game, as the rest of his catches were 33, 50, 55 and 27 yards respectively, adding to an impressive total of 308 yards on 14 carries to go with those five. affected.

His ability to break up tackles shone tonight.

“He’s a four-year-old starter for us. He knows what it’s all about, you know that’s what the weight room will do for you,” Gore trainer Brandon Tyler said. is seen on Friday nights when people try to tackle him and he runs through him.

“He’s a great strong back, and I’m happy he’s in our squad.”

Dozier attributes the success to his line.

“The biggest part was the line,” he said. “They did a hell of a job. They had a big push each time and it made my job easier.

Pirate quarterback Noah Cooper added a few points through the air, finding receiver Liam Edwards twice for touchdowns, once for 28 yards late in the first to make it 21-0. The other came in the second quarter, a 41-yard strike to make it 41-0.

Hunter McGee also joined in the fun with a 40-yard punt return in the second to make it 35-0. He would have had a second touchdown return had it not been for an unnecessary block in the back due to some shoving well behind the play.

The game went on a running clock after a rushing score from Jackson Duke to make it 62-0 with five minutes remaining in the third quarter.

Defensively, the Pirates (8-0, 4-0) stood like a wall in midfield as the Razorbacks (5-3, 3-1) didn’t have a chance to break the ball up the side Pirate the field up well. after the clock started in the second half at 2:40 in the third.

Even then, that play resulted in a penalty that pushed Panama back to their side of the field, and the Razorbacks would no longer go past midfield.

This is the Pirates’ sixth shutout of the season.

“Defensively, I thought they played it safe,” Tyler said. “Seeing the Wing-T is something we haven’t seen in a while, but we responded well in practice all week and it showed (Friday).”

Duke looks at each person’s responsibility in credit for their defensive success.

“We just had to line up and do our job,” Duke said. “That’s what we were taught. Line up and do your job, and everything else will come into play.”

Gore’s victory puts the Pirates only atop their district, as they tied with Panama at 3-0 in the district standings.

The Pirates host Haskell (4-4, 2-2) for Homecoming next week as Gore looks to continue the season 8-0 with a win and move into the lead for a Class A Golden Ball.

“I think it’s as open as it’s ever been,” Dozier said. “It’s the best shot we’ve ever had in Gore.”

As for Panama, the Razorbacks will host Central Sallisaw next week.

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